Black Health Matters

Welcome to your five week health journey! This health program and support group is specifically catered towards health in the Black community. For the next five weeks you will be working on:

  1. Increasing fitness and better nutrition (physical)
  2. Developing a sense of purpose and/or developing a faith and trust in a higher power or yourself (spiritual)
  3. Developing skills to maintain healthy relationships (social)
  4. Developing a stronger connection and expression of your emotions (emotional)
  5. Developing calm and clear mind by self-reflecting (mental)

Reading Assignments & Community Events

Journal Submission

Please make sure that your journal submission includes:

  1. A list of activities that you performed during the week to fulfill the five aspects of health
  2. What were some positive experiences from the activities/progress you made
  3. Some things to improve on from this week
  4. Overall feelings about the past week and anything that was on your mind recently