BRC Internship Program

Please read the information below and complete the online application.

The BRC is looking for a talented pool of student scholars to assist in carrying out the mission and goals of the Black Resource Center.

Students must be self-starters who can adhere to deadlines and on-going programming throughout the academic year. Black Resource Center Interns must be interested in producing BRC programming which promotes academic success, recruitment, retention, and matriculation.

Various tasks such as tabling, organizing events, identifying opportunities to promote student retention, and collaborating with campus units and student organizations will be assigned. BRC Interns will be called upon to help create and update BRC publications (newsletter), flyers, website and the official bulletin board, which highlights all of BRC's events, activities, etc. Interns will complete a year-long project to be presented at the culmination of the internship.

Interns must make themselves available for duties which include the responsibilities of set-up and clean-up for BRC events, in addition to office duties which may include mailings, filing, and writing articles.

Requirements for Employment

  • Must be a full-time UCSD undergraduate student for the entire academic year with registration fees paid in full
  • Must be able to work ten hours per week
  • Total employment hours at UCSD must not exceed 19.5 hours per week
  • Must be able to work morning and afternoon/evening shifts between 8:30am – 7:00pm
  • Preferred skills: excellent communication skills, public speaking, previous experience working with teams, experience creating flyers and publicity, and a thorough knowledge of the UC San Diego.
  • Must be enrolled (with assistance) in the Critical Gender Studies Practicum (CGS 198) for spring quarter prior to the internship. (Assistance will be provided)
  • Must be enrolled in AIP for fall quarter of the internship. (Assistance will be provided)
  • Must attend New Hire Orientation, Transition Dinner, All Staff Training, Student Success Institute, Campus Community Centers Fall Training, BSU Overnight Program, Triton Day, and Transition Dinner

Work Distribution (Each Week)

30% (3 Hours) Programming - Help to implement the goals, programming, and initiatives of the BRC. Work closely with BRC Director, Program Coordinator, and student staff. 

10% (1 hour) Staff Meeting

30% (3 hours) Outreach - Demonstrate the ability to work in the field by outreaching to students served by the BRC; ie. tabling, identifying volunteers, and encouraging students to take advantage of the services/resources provided by the BRC and other applicable resources.

30% (3 hours) Academic Success/Retention - Work closely with staff on assignments related to establishing and reestablishing academic clubs which will help students identify opportunities in their majors and help them achieve their educational goals. Serve as ambassadors to academic campus units to increase the graduations rates.

In addition, work closely with staff on assignments related to the planning and development of activities which promote a more enjoyable experience for the students served by the BRC.


$12.50 Per Hour (maximum of 10 hours a week)


  • Opportunity to earn academic credit throughout the internship period
  • Opportunity to gain valuable leadership, teambuilding, and organizational skills while giving back to the community
  • Represent the Black Resource Center to the greater UC San Diego community, including current and prospective students and parents, staff, and faculty.
  • Possibility of receiving letters of recommendations for future opportunities.


The BRC Intern hiring period is between late fall quarter and early winter quarter (exact dates will change with each academic year).

 Documents required to complete application:

  • One page statement detailing why you are interested in a Student Success Leader or Transfer Success Leader position with the Black Resource Center and what skills you bring to the position (a résumé may not substitute).
  • One letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to your qualifications and experience.
  • Please attach a current resume

If you are interested in applying, please complete the online application.