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Black Housing on Campus

African Black Diaspora Living Learning Community (ABDLLC)

The African Black Diaspora Living Learning Community (ABDLLC) is located in Sixth College at UC San Diego and is for undergraduate students.  The mission of the ABDLLC is to establish an environment of personal and academic excellence through the affirmation and celebration of Blackness in its various expressions. Led by the principles of Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Kujichagulia (self-determination), and Nia (purpose), the ABDLLC will function as cooperative community with the following shared goals:

  • Cultivating personal development and self-awareness
  • Fostering meaningful interpersonal connections and lifelong relationships
  • Validating the space of the individual, while also enabling diverse collaboration
  • Advocating for the empowerment of Black students across our campus and working to ensure equity, inclusion, and respect
  • Enriching the UCSD community with distinct African and Black culture

How to Apply

Students must first complete the Room Selection Application (Personal History Form, e-signature housing contract and their $450 prepayment). Once that is complete, students will be able to login to the Room Selection Portal and select the Housing Community App to apply for ABDLLC.

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Please contact the Sixth College Residential Life Office with questions: 858-822-5268 or

FG-Pic-Housing.jpgFernando Gonzalez

"As a transfer student here on campus I was worried that I would struggle making friends and finding community, but once I found out about ABDLLC Housing on campus I was excited to live here. We live on the third and fourth floors of a building called Catalyst in Sixth College which is one of my favorite parts about black housing. The location is so close to lecture halls, most of the dining halls, and just great study spaces with views on campus. The community we’ve built is also so comfortable and enjoyable, because being a person of color on this campus can definitely be a culture shock but we’re very close with each other and hangout outside of class all the time. Black housing has definitely been one of the highlights of my college experience."

Black Graduate Experience Living Learning Community (BGELLC)

The Black Graduate Experience Living Learning Community (BGELLC) is located in Nuevo East in grad housing.  The purpose of the BGELLC is to be an optional, residential community designed to assist Black graduate students who can, through mutual support and shared living, affirm and celebrate Black scholarly excellence and Black culture in its various expressions. Community and collectivism undergirds the goals of the BGELLC which are to,

  1. Address issues of concern to Black graduate students living in campus-provided housing by providing an inclusive space that emphasizes community and social justice
  2. Foster graduate scholarship, excellence, and achievement through meaningful programming that promotes pro-Black connections and celebration, shared personal and scholarly experiences, and life-long relationships

Campus partners connected to the BGELLC: Black Graduate and Professional Student Association, Black Resource Center, and Graduate Division. 

How to Apply

To express interest the LLC, please complete the BGELLC Qualtrics Form

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For questions, please contact the HDH Connect Team.