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Graduate Assistants

  • Eden Wiggins (She/Her)

    Eden Wiggins (She/Her)

    Grad Program: MA in Latin American Studies 
    Hometown: Joppa, Maryland 
    Fun fact: I played 10-year old Crazy Eyes in Orange is the New Black.
  • Leslie Perez-Godinez (She/Her)

    Leslie Perez-Godinez (She/Her)

Peer Guidance Leaders

The Black Resource Center Peer Guidance Program is designed to aid the academic, social and cultural adjustment of incoming first year students to life at UC San Diego. Through peer mentoring, the goal of this program is the foster a network of support for culturally diverse historically underrepresented first year students. Peer Guidance Leaders (PGLs) serve as peer support personnel and serve as an extension of the Black Resource Center staff.  Interested in being a Peer Guidance Leader? Check out the application!

  • Saray Brown (She/Her)

    Saray Brown (She/Her)

    Major: Clinical Psychology
    Minor: Human Development
    College: Eleanor Roosevelt College
    Hometown: Santa Maria, CA

    Fun fact: I am the oldest of six sibling and am the first to go to university!

  • Crystal Coffey (She/Her)

    Crystal Coffey (She/Her)

    Major: Psychology - Human Health
    College: John Muir College
    Hometown: Bellflower, CA

    Fun fact: I have watched all seasons of America's Next Top Model.

  • Zakora Jones (She/Her)

    Zakora Jones (She/Her)

    Major: Human Biology
    College: Roger Revelle College
    Hometown: Compton, CA

    Fun fact: I took swimming lessons as a child and still can't swim :)

  • Abel Seyoum (He/Him)

    Abel Seyoum (He/Him)

    Major: Data Science
    College: Earl Warren College
    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Fun fact: I enjoy surfing in my free time.

  • Jewel Fulmore (She/Her)

    Jewel Fulmore (She/Her)

    Major: Literature, African American Studies minor 
    College: Marshall College
    Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Damanza Uzor (He/Him)

    Damanza Uzor (He/Him)

    Major: Political Science & Cognitive Science 
    College: Seventh College

Student Success Educators

The Black Resource Center Student Success Educators are student scholars who assist in carrying out the mission and goals of the center. They are responsible for quarterly programming to promote community building, academic success, and a sense of belonging. Their presence is an integral piece of the center's day to day functioning and success.  Interested in becoming an intern for next academic year? Check out the application!

  • Solange Jackson (She/They)

    Solange Jackson (She/They)

    Major: Human Biology
    Minor: German Studies
    College: Eleanor Roosevelt College
    Hometown: Atlanta, GA

    Fun fact: I've played the violin for 10 years

  • Ivan Smith (He/Him)

    Ivan Smith (He/Him)

    Major: Cognitive Science: Specialization in Design & Interaction 
    College: Seventh College
    Hometown: Compton, CA

    Fun fact: I prefer to rewatch movies and shows instead of watching new things. In 2020, I watched the entire series of Avatar: The Last Air Bender three times

  • Jaliyah Journigan (She/Her)

    Jaliyah Journigan (She/Her)

    Major: Psychology & Ethnic Studies 
    College: Thurgood Marshall College
    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Fun fact: I have danced/performed on and off for about six years.

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    Janell Thompson (She/Her)

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    Chardae McKinney (She/Her)

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    Mia Rodriguez (She/Her)

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    Mikaela Stewart (She/Her)