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Get Connected!

Being Black at UC San Diego takes on a variety of different forms.  At the Black Resource Center, we aim to be a resource for all of the members of our community.  Whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate/professional student, staff, faculty, alumni, or community member, we invite you to visit the Black Resource Center and stay connected throughout your time at UC San Diego.

Make sure that you register to receive our weekly e-newsletter to stay updated on the programs and events that we have throughout the year, as well as other events across campus that serve our community.

Magnifying San Diego

One of our former interns, Jaida Day, created a website to serve as a resource to all students, staff, and faculty who need a little extra help navigating campus and the local San Diego area. We encourage you to bookmark this page as it has plenty of resources including Black-Owned Businesses in the area, and other services that you might find yourself needing throughout your time in San Diego.

Check Out The Site!