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Peer Guidance Leader Application 2022–2023


Apply online below.

Documents required to complete application:

□    One page statement detailing why you are interested in becoming a BRC Peer Guidance Leader

□    One letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to your qualifications and experience.

□    Please attach a current resume

Job Description

The Black Resource Center Peer Guidance Program is designed to aid the academic, social and cultural adjustment of incoming first year students to life at UC San Diego. Through peer mentoring, the goal of this program is the foster a network of support for culturally diverse historically underrepresented first year students. Peer Guidance Leaders (PGLs) serve as peer support personnel and serve as an extension of the Black Resource Center staff. Through this relationship and sharing program goals, the overall aim is the positively impact the first year adjustment and ultimate retention of student participants. Peer Guidance Leaders are employed from (September 8, 2022) TO (June 9, 2023).


  • Must demonstrate the ability to work sensitively, tactfully, and patiently with multicultural and diverse populations
  • Must demonstrate active listening skills and reflect a genuine attitude of caring for others
  • Conduct at least one hour long one-to-one meeting with assigned students each quarter
  • Assist in record keeping to document the progress of students (evaluations & academic progress checks)
  • Maintain and submit files on students (contact information, one-to-one meeting summaries)
  • Organize group activities for assigned students
  • Complete necessary contact forms for each individual student session
  • Complete the BRC PGL Practicum during the Spring 2022 quarter (Time/Date TBD based on student schedules)
  • Attend quarterly group meetings
  • Attend quarterly 1:1 meeting with Black Resource Center Professional Staff
  • Update office files for students (financial aid, housing, academic major, students of concern)

PGLs must be aware of and able to recognize and respond to students in need of additional assistance; provide appropriate referrals to University resources; provide appropriate consultation and referral to supervisors when appropriate while maintaining student confidentiality; and maintain confidentiality about student caseload, only disclosing information when appropriate to Black Resource Center Professional Staff members.

Requirements for Employment 

  • Must be a full-time UCSD undergraduate student for the entire academic year with registration fees paid in full
  • Must enroll in the Mentor Practicum, scheduled for Spring 2022 (Time/Date TBD based on student schedules)
  • Total employment hours at UCSD may not exceed 19.5 hours per week
  • Must attend New Hire Orientation (Date & Time TBD), Black Family Orientation (September 9-11, 2022), Peer Guidance Program Meet & Greet (Date & Time TBD), Quarterly Success Sessions (Dates & times TBD), Quarterly Staff meetings (Dates & Times TBD), End of Year Recognition Event (Date & Time TBD)


Aprox. 5 hours per week at $18.00/hour 


  • Earn academic credit throughout the Mentor Practicum
  • Opportunity to gain valuable leadership and organizational skills while assisting others
  • Learn new skills such as organizational skills or event planning. Hone interpersonal skills.

Meet new people from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to build long-lasting relationship.